❗️Archives contain confidential information, please download and extract to a secure location.

If the Room is enabled or disabled, and you have requested the Archive within the Room following these steps, the below will not need to be followed as the Archive link will automatically download after logging into the Room.

If our Support team has run the Archive link on behalf of the Admin, to keep the data safe the Archive is added to a Zip file, the Zip file extension (.zip) is renamed to ‘.zi_’ and this file is then added to a new Zip file, which is encrypted and password protected.

⚠️Good to know: The reason for encryption and password is to only allow access to authorized persons.  Ansarada also renames the original Zip file to prevent displaying the contents (including document names which may disclose confidential information) to non-authorized persons.

💡Tip: To extract the Archive on a PC we recommend you use WinZip (version 12 or above). The current version of WinZip is available from: http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm.

There are 4 stages to download and extract the Archive.

Download Zip file

1. Open a web browser and go to web address (as provided by Ansarada via email).
2. When prompted to Open or Save, please select Save and download to a secure location on your computer with a short file path.

Extract ‘.zi_’ file

3. When the download is complete, go to where the Zip file has been saved (i.e. navigate to directory via My Computer) and right click on Zip file.
4. Select WinZip and select Unzip to...

5. The WinZip Extract window will open, select location to extract the file to.

6. Select Unzip.

7. Enter password (as provided by Ansarada), then click on OK button to start extraction of ‘.zi_’ file.

Rename ‘.zi_’ file

8. When extraction is complete, go to location where you extracted ‘.zi_’ file.
9. Right click on file and Rename file extension to ‘.zip’.

10. You will be asked Are you sure you want to change it?, select Yes.

Extract Archive

11. Right click on renamed Zip file and select WinZip then Unzip to...

12. The WinZip Extract window will open, select the location to extract the Archive files to.

13. Select Unzip to proceed with the extract.

14. Go to the location of the extract, this will contain a folder containing the Archive contents.

Learn more about requesting an Archive link and the Archive types here.

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