When sending a Scorecard the recipient will be prompted to begin the Scorecard by completing the quiz.

To create and send a new Scorecard, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Top navigation menu, then select Scorecards.

2. Under Pending scorecards select Create scorecard

3. Enter a Name for the Scorecard.

4. Go to Quick start, leave it as Select template to create a new Scorecard.

💡Tip: Use Ansarada Scorecard templates to quick start your Scorecard. Ansarada templates are based on insights from over 25,000 deals.

5. Go to Attributes, select the Industry, Material event and Company size from the Drop down menu.

6. Select Create scorecard.

7. Select Add topics.

8. Under Available topics, select any existing Topics that you would like to add.

💡Tip: You can Select all to add all of the existing Topics.

9. Then select Add topics.

10. To add a new Custom topic, select Create topic.

11. Enter the following:

  • Topic name: Give the topic a name that companies will understand.
  • Area: Confirm the Area that this topic relates to, or Admins can create a custom Area by typing in the new Area name. 
  • Description: Give the topic a description of what it is.

12. Go to Requirements, then select Add to enter any requirement that applies to the Topic.

13. Under Relevance, select the Drop down menu to add any other applicable Industry, Material event and Company size that this Topic should relate to.

14. Once completed, select Done.

⚠️Good to know: Selecting an industry, material event and company size for where this Topic is relevant makes it easier to find when creating a new Scorecard.

15. Under the Topic Guide, answer the questions. 

16. Once completed, select Create topic.

17. Continue customizing and adding Topics following the above steps.

💡Tip: Topics can always be edited at a later stage by going to Scorecard settings.

18. After adding all your Topics, select Continue.

19. Under Send scorecard, you can edit the Scorecard details and Topics.

20. Go to Reviewers, if you would like to assign a Reviewer to verify the Areas, select the drop down. 

⚠️Good to know: Reviewers can be managed and updated at any time. Learn more here.

21. Select Continue.

22. Go to recipient, then select to who to Send the Scorecard to. 

  • You: The Scorecard quiz will be sent to your account to complete.
  • Another person in your company: Select who from your company is to be sent the Scorecard quiz.
  • Another company: Send the Scorecard quiz to someone from another company by entering their email.


⚠️Good to know: The key contact will be added in as a Company Admin if they don't already have access to Scorecards. Learn more about roles here.

23. Select Send scorecard.


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