Current score

The score is based on Topics that have been started, Requirements completed, Topics ready for review and Topics marked as Verified.

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Pathways and Area scores can help determine how prepared your company is for a Material Event. These are calculated based on a few different factors

A company's current score is your company's overall score and takes into consideration all Areas.

⚠️Good to know: The Overview page will also show companies their Projected score. The Projected score is the score the company will receive once the Topic has been completed, with all requirements and documents added and verified. Learn more here.

An Area score is great visibility for the person responsible for the Area. It takes into consideration all of the Topics in the Area.

These factors include:

Starting a Topic

Starting a Topic within an Area by either selecting Start topic or changing the Topic status manually to In progress will increase the score. Learn more about Topics here.


Requirements completed

Within Topics companies will need to complete the Requirements section. Requirements are defined by the Firm Admins and the Firm Users that company materials must satisfy to complete a score. Once Requirements have been marked off, the Company and Area score will increase. Learn more about Requirements here.


Topic Ready for review

When all Requirements have been met and documents have been uploaded, the Topic is then ready for review. By changing the Topic status to Ready for review, the score will increase. If there are Reviewers assigned you can select which Reviewer to assign the Topic to. Learn more about Topics here.


Verified Topic

Verified Topics are Topics that have had all Requirements checked off and all documents marked as Verified. By changing the Topic status to Verified, the score will increase. Learn more about Topics here.

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