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Speed up the process when creating Pathways by creating Pathway templates.

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Pathways are completed by team members so that you can see how prepared a company is, should they need to go through a material event.
Pathway templates can be created for future clients that have the same natured deal and will need the same requirements.

Anyone can create and edit Pathway templates. This template can then be used as a quick start when sending out a new Pathway. Learn more here.

๐Ÿ’กTip: Use Ansarada Pathway templates to quick start your Pathway. Ansarada templates are based on insights from over 25,000 deals.

Pathway templates consist of:


Areas have been created by Ansarada based on research from thousands of deals. When creating custom Topics, Admins can create new Areas. Areas are located within a Pathway and contain all of the Topics related to that Area. Areas can be renamed by anyone who has access, however Topics within the Area can't. Learn more about Areas here.


Topics belong to Areas and are required to be completed by companies who have access to the Pathway. When a company is taking the Pathway, they are required to mark off the Requirements and upload the documentation requested by their advisor. Each Topic has a Topic guide, to advise users about why this documentation is needed. Learn more about Topics here.


Each Topic will have Requirements determined by users that have access to the Pathway. An example of some Requirements are: Updated in the last 12 months or Reviewed quarterly. Once Requirements have been checked off, the company can upload all the relevant documentation.ย 

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