Topics are assigned to Areas within a Pathway that are to be completed by companies.

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Topics are sections within an Area of a Pathway that need to be completed, to determine what information a company has.

These Topics can be created and edited by anyone who has access to the Area of the Pathway. Learn more about creating Pathways here.

Topics and Areas can have people assigned as Reviewers, to check and verify the information. 

They can also have a person responsible assigned to them, to follow up and keep the Topic or Area progress on track.

Topics include:

Topic guides

Topic guides explain;

  • What the Topic is

  • Why the Topic is important for business today

  • Why the Topic is important to have for a material event

  • The pros of having Requirements and documentation on a specific Topic

  • The cons of not having the Requirements and documents completed

The Topic guides have been written by industry experts and based on data from over 25,000 Ansarada deals. Learn more about Topic guides here.


Each Topic will have Requirements set and updated by people that have access to the Pathway. An example of some Requirements are: Updated in the last 12 months or Reviewed quarterly. Once Requirements have been checked off, the company can upload all the relevant documentation.


Documents can be uploaded either directly into the Topic or into the Documents section, which acts as a Document Index. Everyone that has access can add files into the Topics to complete the Requirements. These documents must then be reviewed and verified. During the process, anyone can request updates for documents. Learn more about uploading documents here.

💡Tip: A Topic's status will change depending on what stage of the process it's at. Learn more about Topic statuses here.

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