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Add Topics to a Pathway template
Add Topics to a Pathway template

Add Topics to an existing Pathway template to customize requirements for future Pathways.

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Topics sit within Areas that belong in Pathways and Pathway templates. Topics assess how ready people are with required documentation.

⚠️Good to know: Editing an existing Pathway template won't automatically update all of the Requirements and Topics for that Pathway template. If the template is in use and you wish to update it, you'll need to amend the existing Pathway. Learn how to edit an existing Pathway here.

To add Topics to a Pathway template, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Top navigation menu, then select Templates.

2. Under Templates, select the Pathway template you'd like to edit.

3. Scroll down to the Areas, from here you will see all the Topics that are included in the Areas.

4. Select a Topic from an Area.

5. From here you can:

  • Mark the Topic as priority or not as priority: Select the Item menu, then select Mark as priority or Mark as not priority.

  • Select Requirements to include in Pathway: If a Requirement no longer applies to your client's Pathway you can turn the Requirement Off

  • Remove Topics: To delete all Topics within an Area select the Item menu, then select Remove from 

  • The Area will remain but all the Topics will be deleted.

  • Document Organization: Activate document organization to help categorize Topics that have a large number of documents. Select Edit, then select the categories that the documents are to be organized by. Learn more here.

⚠️Good to know: Areas cannot be deleted, only Topics. Learn more about Areas here.

6. Select Add Topics, then select any existing Topics that you would like to add.

💡Tip: You can Select all to add all of the existing Topics.

7. Then select Add topics.

8. To create new Topics within an Area, select Create topic.

9. Enter the following:

  • Topic name: Give the topic a name that companies will understand.

  • Area: Confirm the Area that this topic relates to, or Admins can create a custom Area by typing in the new Area name. 

  • Description: Give the topic a description of what it is.

10. Go to Requirements, then select Add to enter any Requirements that apply to the Topic.

💡Tip: Topics must have at least one Requirement.

11. Under Relevance, select the Drop down menu to add any other applicable Industry, Business outcome and Company size that this Topic should relate to.

12. Once completed, select Done.

13. Continue adding Topics as needed.

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