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Selecting an industry, material event and company size for where a Topic is relevant makes it easier to find when creating a new Pathway.

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When creating or editing Topics within an Area for a Pathway, teams are asked to select the Relevance.

Topic Relevance is important as it allows you to link Topics to industries, material events and company sizes that this Topic should be used for. This allows the Topic to be found when creating a new Pathway.

Topic Relevance inclusions

Topic Relevance consists of:

  • Industry: The industries that this Topic is relevant to

  • Business outcome: The types of events that this Topic would be relevant to, e.g. Merger/Acquisition/Divestment

  • Company size: The size of the company that this Topic is relevant to

⚠️Good to know: There is no limit as to how many industries, material events or company sizes can be selected.

Edit Topic Relevance

To edit a Topic's Relevance, follow these steps:

  1. From the Pathway dashboard, select the Pathway you would like to edit.

2. Go to the Sub menu, then select Pathway settings.

3. Under Pathway select the Item menu, then select Edit.

4. Locate the Topic you would like to Edit.

💡Tip: Only custom Topics can be edited. Learn more about custom Topics here.

5. Next to the Topic select the Item menu, then select Edit Topic.

6. Under Relevance, select the Industry, Business outcome and Company size that applies to the Topic.

💡Tip: When selecting Relevance, you can Select all or Deselect all to add all or remove all.

7. Select Save changes.

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