With Ansarada Integrations now available in Pathways you can easily upload and sync files from Google Drive and Drop box.

When uploading files the option to upload from Google Drive and Dropbox will now be available. Simply login to your Google Drive or Dropbox account to upload your files.

You no longer have to go digging across all of your systems to find what you need to make better decisions. Whether it be your finance reporting tools, your HR software, your collaborative documents hidden away in Dropbox or Google Drive, you can connect and sync all of your critical information from absolutely any department.

See everything important within your business in a single view without changing how your team works. Just set up the connection and be assured the latest information will always be there. Learn more here.

⚠️Good to know: If the file in Google Drive or Dropbox is moved from it's original location the sync will be lost and the file will not automatically update in Pathways. 


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