We have received a lot of feedback about workflows in Pathways. Today we have released some changes to Pathway Roles and also the ability to add Reviewers for Topics/Areas.


Pathways now allows team members to assign Reviewers for Areas and Topics. The following changes are now available in Pathways:

  • Any team member that has access to the Topic/Area can be assigned to the review the Topic/Area

  • Multiple Reviewers can be assigned to a Topic/Area so that you can specify the order of reviewers, and thereby create a simple workflow

  • The Topic status can now be changed manually, so when a Topic is ready to be reviewed or to be marked as Verified, simply update the status

⚠️Good to know: If a Reviewer is assigned to an Area, they will automatically be assigned to all Topics contained within. Learn how to assign Reviewers here.

Multiple Pathways per company

We understand that people using Pathways may need to have access to multiple Pathways whether they belong to an Advisory firm or a company. That's why the following changes have been made:

  • A company can now have multiple Pathways with different access to each one

  • Advisors can send a Pathway to an existing email address even if they already have an existing Pathway

  • Companies also now have access to the Pathways dashboard

Verifying documents

Verifying documents is no longer tied to Firm Admins and Firm Users. Anyone who has access to the documents can now Verify or Unverify them. This allows for much easier workflow for all your team members.

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