ℹ️This feature is only accessible to Firm Admins and Company Admins.

Admins can update their deal team's access at any time. 

This includes access to Scorecards, or particular Areas in a Scorecard.

To edit a team member's access, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Top navigation menu, select Settings.

2. Select Team from the Settings sub menu

3. Go to Person, and locate the person you would like to update.

4. Select the Item menu, then select Edit access.

5. To update their company and Area access, select the Drop down menu.

⚠️Good to know: If you select the Company Scorecard, the person will have access to the entire Scorecard. If you select the Drop down menu and select Areas within the company's Scorecard they will only see the Areas they are assigned to.

6. Select or deselect companies and Areas within.

7. Select Save changes.

💡Tip: If a person is to have Admin rights to create, update and grant access to Scorecards visible to them, select the Item menu. Then select Make an administrator.

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