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Add document organization to categorize Pathway documents.

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Document organization allows people to easily organize topics that have a large number of documents.

If document organization is activated for a Topic, categories can be allocated to filter the Topic by when uploading files.

People can then allocate a category to the documents based on the categories available for the Topic within the Document organization settings.

To activate document organization for a Topic, follow these steps:

  1. From the Pathway dashboard, select a Pathway.

2. Select Topics from the Sub menu.

3. Select the Topic.

4. Go to Documents, then click on the three dots and select Document Organization.

5. Select the Drop down menu under Organize documents by.

6. Select the category/categories that you would like to filter documents by.

💡Tip: If you have more than 1 category to organize documents, select the arrow icon to change the order.

7. Select Save changes.

When uploading files, there will now be an option on the right hand side to categorize the documents. Learn more about uploading documents here.

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