ℹ️This feature is only accessible to Admins.

There isn't currently a function that allows files to be copied or duplicated in the Room, however there are a couple of workarounds.

💡Tip: Even if a Microsoft Office document's security policy allows editing, the copy can't be copied using ctrl+c.

Duplicate the folder structure

If you want to duplicate the folder structure in the room, you can upload the required document twice or duplicate the folder structure on your computer and conduct a Bulk download.

Copy files in the Room

If your file is already in the room and you want to create an additional copy, you have two options:

  • If your files are enabled, you can do a Bulk download.
  • If you have disabled files, you can request an archive. You will receive the files as a zip file.

Once you've downloaded the files, you can proceed with uploading them again.

⚠️Good to know: Duplication of files increases your data in the room which may impact your charges.

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