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People responsible for Topics

People responsible for Topics ensure all of the documentation is uploaded, requirements are met and their team is on track.

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Topics consist of Topic guides, Requirements and Documents. Any team member that has access to the Pathway is able to complete the Requirements and upload the relevant documentation into the Topic to increase their score.

Teams can assign a person to be responsible for a Topic or an entire Area.

There may be several Topics allocated to an Area. If all Topics are removed from an Area, it will not appear in the Pathway.

Once the Topic is ready for review, Reviewers are responsible for verifying and reviewing the documentation that has been uploaded into a Topic.

To assign an existing person as the person responsible for a Topic within a company Pathway, follow these steps:

  1. From the Pathways dashboard, select the Pathway you would like.

2. Go to the Sub menu, select Topics.

3. Locate the Topic.

4. Select the Item menu, then select the Assign person responsible.

5. Under Topics, select the Drop down menu and select any other Topics that this person should be responsible for.

⚠️Good to know:
If there is already an existing person assigned to a Topic, it will be updated with the last person chosen. If it's only one Topic that the person is to have access to, there is no need to edit Topics.

6. Go to Person responsible, select the person from the Drop down menu.

💡Tip: To add a new person simply type in their email address, then select the Add icon.

7. Select Save changes.

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