Verify documents

Verify documents that have been uploaded into Pathways to confirm they have met the requirements.

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Anyone in the team can verify documents that have been uploaded into Topics.

When a document has been verified, it means that it's been reviewed and the document has met the requirements.

Once all the documents in the Topic have been Verified and all the Requirements have been met, users are able to change the Topic status to Verified. 

If a document has been Verified by mistake, team members are able to mark the document as unverified again. Learn more here.

To Verify a document, follow these steps:

  1. From the Pathway dashboard, select the Pathway.

2. Select Topics from the Sub menu

3. Select the Topic to be verified.

4. Go to Documents, select the Item menu next to the file.

💡Tip: To Verify multiple documents, select the check box next to the files. Then select Verify.

5. Select Verify.

💡Tip: If all the documents within the Topic have been verified and requirements have been met, the Topic status will need to be updated to Verified to reflect the correct information in the Pathway. Learn how to update the Topic status here.

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