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Get to know what everything means on your Pathways dashboard.

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When you log into Pathways, you will automatically be taken to the Pathways section. This dashboard gives you an overview of all the Pathways you have access to.

The Pathways default page showing you all companies will allow you to:

  • Invite a new company / Send a new Pathway

💡Tip: Once you send a new Pathway they will be able to see the Areas of the Pathway they have access to. Learn more about sending Pathways here.

  • View if an invitation to take the Pathway has been sent to a company

  • View if an invitation has been sent, but not accepted

  • View how ready the company is and their activity in the last 7 and 30 days

When you select a Pathway, you will then be able to view the Areas and learn more about the Score.

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