ℹ️This feature is only accessible to Firm Admins and Company Admins.

Transfer a Pathway to a Room to run a high-performance deal with document-level security controls, reporting, and Q&A.

To move a Pathway into a Room, follow these steps:

  1. From the Pathway dashboard, select the Pathway.

2. Go to the Sub menu, then select Data rooms.

3. Select Create data room.

4. Under Name, enter in the name of the Room.

⚠️Good to know: By default the Pathway name will be used.

5. Select Continue.

6. Under Documents, select the Areas and/or Topics to be transferred.

💡Tip: All documents within the Areas/Topics that are selected will be transferred. If a person does not have access to an Area, they will be unable to transfer it to a Room. Learn more here.

7. Select Continue.

8. Under Administrators, select people that are to be invited into the Room as Administrators.

⚠️Good to know: Admins have full access and can access all Room menus, functions and reports. Learn more here.

9. Select Continue.

10. Settings shows what settings are in the Room.  

💡Tip: It is recommended to update the Room URL and number the documents. Learn how to update the URL here and number the documents here.

11. Select Create data room.

12. To access the Room for the first time, select the verification link on the invitation email. Learn more here.

💡Tip: Once a person has verified their access they will be able to see and access the Room from the Data rooms tab.

Require Room training?

Watch the videos below to know exactly where to start in the Room.

Chapter 1: Introduction & Document Index
Chapter 2: Managing Documents
Chapter 3: Security and Teams
Chapter 4: Q&A
Chapter 5: Manage settings
Chapter 6: Reports 

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