There are no requirements or programs needed to download documents from a Scorecard.

Within each Topic files can be individually downloaded or downloaded in bulk. People can also choose to download the entire Scorecard or certain Areas.

💡Tip: The Bulk download size limit is 5GB. If it is exceeded you can download selected files, or all files contained within a Topic.

To download Areas within a Scorecard, follow these steps:

1. From the Scorecard dashboard, select the Scorecard.

2. Select Documents from the Sub menu.

3. Select the Areas.

4. From the Documents selected menu, select Download.

️⚠️Good to know: Truncation for long file and folder names will occur if the file path is over 218 characters long on PCs. This will automatically truncated with a " ~ "sign starting with the folders so that the file name will still be preserved. 

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