Add Topic comments

Leave comments in Topics and tag team members to follow up on items or to ask questions.

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Commenting on Pathway Topics allows team members to leave comments within a Topic which starts a threaded conversation.

Tag team members in comments to notify them by email that there is a question or update for them.

Anyone that has access to the Topic can see all comments, reply to comments or add new comments.

To add a comment onto a Topic, follow these steps:

  1. From the Pathway dashboard, select the Pathway.

2. Go to the Sub menu, then select Topics.

3. Select the Topic.

4. Go to Comments, then type in the Comment and select the @ symbol to tag a person.

⚠️Good to know: If a person is not tagged, a notification email will not be sent.

5. Select Add comment.

💡Tip: Select Edit to update your comment, or select Delete if a comment has been added by mistake. People will not be able to edit or delete comments that aren't their own.

⚠️Good to know: A comment count has been added to the main Topics page to provide better visibility on existing comments.

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