What you need to get ready to raise money for your business

Raising capital the ready way

The capital raising route may be very complex depending on the debt or equity you choose to raise.

Here’s a guide on how you can be prepared with confidence, aware, and in control of the deal and your business during a raise. To help make your options for capital raising simple and easy to understand, we’ve broken them down into simple chapters, so you have a basic introduction to capital raising.

In this guide:

  • Capital raising options

  • Preparation

  • Advisors for capital raising

  • Execute: Ready, set, go with Ansarada

  • Specific IPO preparation

Download this guide to be across the basics for how to prepare for investment and run a successful process: https://info.ansarada.com/l/232722/2018-09-11/5s7dn/232722/63503/1808_APAC_Ansarada___Cap_Raise_Guide_sunrise_min.pdf 

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