To optimise getting ready, you need the “When“. Time is a vital ingredient in the cake of success, so now we’re giving you the ability to set target dates for your Pathway and due dates for the topics contained within.

When you create a Pathway, you can now set a target date for that pathways. Doing so will create a graph on the overview page that will show your score increase over time and a trend line that shows them if they are on track.

For existing pathways, or if you don't set a date upon creation, you can click on the graph to set the target date.

7 days before the target date, the system will send out a reminder email. Then it's time to get cracking! The target date can also be edited at anytime.

There’s also a new filter so you can see topics with no due date, due today, the next 7 days, month and overdue.

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