As a Deal Room Administrator or a Publisher, you have permissions to create and edit folders, documents, and index numbering.  If you need to just to update few items, you can refer to Rename Deal Room files or folders, but sometimes you may require a mass update over the majority of the index.

In order to ensure these updates are actioned exactly as you requested, we require a few steps from the:

1.) Go to Manage Documents > Actions > Export to Excel.

2.) From that excel sheet, unhide the two columns after "Direct Link"
These columns will contain Folder ID and Document ID.  These ID numbers are unique to the folder and document and follow them no matter the name or document index number.  Through this number, Customer Success is able to run a macro to make our desired outcomes.

3.) You will then use those ID numbers to fill out this bulk rename template.

      Id refers to the folder or document ID from Step 2.
      Type column will also be available from the export to excel from the previous step.       This column can only contain Folder or Document (ensure "Main Folder" is not  
      included in this column)
      NewValue will indicate the updated index name or number for this designated              folder or document.

4.) After reviewing your excel template, you can email it into our Client Success team at [email protected] 

⚠️Good to know: Because of the manual nature of this task, on top of the additional quality checks that we run on our end, we typically expect to complete these tasks within a 24 hour turnaround.  If we do not receive it in the format above, there could be delays up to a 72 hour turnaround.

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