To begin to push documents between Ansarada and Kira, you will need to authenticate your Kira login information. Once completed please follow these steps to complete the Integration:

From the Documents or Topics tab, select a document, and choose "Send to Kira."

Upon selecting to send a document to Kira, you will be prompted to select your region and enter your Kira API key that can be accessed and generated from your Kira account.

⚠️Good to know: Once authenticated, the token will be saved to your account.

Once authenticated, you can choose to send individual documents to Kira or send files in bulk.

1. After authenticating your account, select any document from the Topics or Documents tab, and select "Send to Kira."

⚠️Good to know: To send multiple files at once, click into the Documents tab, select your files, and click "Send to Kira."

2. Choose your project destination within Kira. Once the project has been selected, select "Send Document."

3. Once the file has been sent, from the Documents tab, you now have the option to view this file within Kira.

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