The number of active deal rooms available on an account will depend on the account's subscription agreement with Ansarada. Subscriptions may be monthly or annual. A subscription may be for a 'one-off deal', or allow for five, ten or more concurrent deals. Activated modules may include: checklist tabs for project and task management; document tabs for file sharing and collaboration, a fully-featured VDR + Q&A.

If you would like to discuss subscription terms with our sales team, please email [email protected]

Below is a short introduction to the account management features.

System Administrators

An account may have as many System Administrators as required. Administrators have access to the Account features, allowing them to manage details such as other members and active deal rooms.

Access to the account options is via the profile menu, highlighted below. This option will only appear for members who are System Administrators of a client account.

Account Details

The Account Details window has four active tabs. Click on a tab to open.


Manage your account's contact and billing address.


An account may have more than one subscription. Review activated modules and limits. Additional features can be applied to a subscription, please discuss terms with our Sales Team.


System Administrators can invite new members into the account. There is no limit to account membership.

Members invited into the role of a System Administrator will have the Account feature activated in their profile menu. The System Administrator can change the role of an existing member by selecting and dragging their team tile into a different role.

Members in the role of System Administrator and Room Administrator are able to open new deal rooms against the account - become Room Owners - assuming that there are rooms available under the subscription.

Room Administrators do not have access to the Account option in their profile menu.


System Administrators can invite themselves into an active deal room as a member of the deal room owner's team, thereby enabling them to assume administrative responsibilities.

It is also possible for a System Administrator to delete a deal room from this view, even when they're not the deal room's 'owner'.

Please ensure that all data has been extracted before this happens as deleting is final.

Don't hesitate to ask if you or your team needs guidance or has any training requirements.

Clients can request assistance from the customer success team at any time by emailing [email protected]

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