If you have received an invitation to join a deal room - and you are not already a member - you will be asked to register your user ID for security purposes.

The invitation emails include links that step you through the registration process.

The email's invitation header will be: thedocyard - [deal room name] - invite to deal room in thedocyard.

If you are not already registered, the email will look similar to the example below:

Follow the links in the email to step through the registration process.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the registration window by clicking here:

User Registration

Note that all of the fields in the User Registration form are required.

Please use the drop-down list options to select a 'close as' option.

If you try to type over or use a form fill option rather than select from the drop-down options in Organisation type, Job Title and Time Zone, it will interfere with the registration process.

Once all the required fields have been complete, the Register button becomes active:

The system will confirm the first step of your registration:

Check your inbox for a verification email: "thedocyard - welcome to your new account"

Click the link "Click here" to complete the verification of your registration. You will be directed back to the member log-in URL.

Enter the password that you have just created and click Login.

2 Factor Authentication

The final step in your user registration is to select whether you require the additional security of 2 factor authentication for your registration.

2 Factor Authentication involves registering a mobile phone number to receive a 6 digit code.

The platform utilises one of the most advanced SMS delivery systems available, however, SMS codes may still be blocked in some countries.

If you select Yes and do not receive your SMS code, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Once you have completed your verification, you will be invited to join the deal room. Click on the green arrow to accept the invitation to join the deal space.

After accepting the invitation and the Confidentiality Agreement, click on Join Team and you will be directed to the deal room:

For further guidance, see the article: Accepting an invitation

We hope that this guide has been of assistance. If you encounter difficulty with your registration, please contact the help desk by email: [email protected]

As a new user, you may be interested in further guidance with respect to:

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