Welcome to our new registered users. The following is a very quick introduction to deals and workflow within Ansarada. Whether you're a new customer or a new member invited to participate in a deal, we're very happy to have you onboard.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly Help Desk team by emailing [email protected]

If you're looking for some more general information, you can also visit our website https://www.thedocyard.co/.

What is thedocyard?

thedocyard is a cloud-based deal management platform, offering a secure, integrated space to manage the entire lifecycle of corporate and commercial transactions.

Accepting an invitation

Invitations to join a deal room are received by email and include links to lead the new member through thedocyard’s registration process.

Once registered, we suggest members bookmark the member login URL: https://app.thedocyard.co/

Registered members can be active in multiple deal rooms at the same time.

Navigating the deal rom

Below is an example of a typical deal dashboard from the point of view of a deal room administrator. The deal dashboard displays the navigation bar to the left, with aggregate data represented in the Deal Health and activity displays.

Depending on your team’s permission set, you may see one or multiple tabs – what you see depends on your team’s permission sets.

There are four main tab-types:

  • Checklist – for task management

  • Document – for storage & collaboration

  • Data Room – for team’s due diligence

  • Questions & Answers – a Q&A tracker

Note: Users can also create a personal checklist for their own task management but this remains private to them.

Click on a tab to open.

Admins: for further information on each tab-type, read: When to use a Checklist, Document or Data Room Tab.

To create a new tab, click on the Add New Tab icon and select tab type from the drop-down list.

Note: if you are not a Room Owner, you can only create a personal checklist tab for your own tasks.

Click this link for video guidance on navigating thedocyard's Global and Deal Dashboards.

Task Management

Checklist tabs enable admins to: group tasks, set due dates, assign responsibility and attach files for teams to collaborate. Task status is collated on the dashboard, as shown above, so teams can see how their tasks are tracking overall.

Document storage & sharing

Document tabs are used for secure storage, sharing and collaboration on files that may not be task-driven or time dependent. Document tabs (and checklist tabs), have file check-out/check-in and full version history.

Data room & Q&A tracker

thedocyard’s data room tab is a fully-featured, highly secure virtual data room. Room Admins set access permissions for teams to undertake due diligence. Questions are copied to the Q&A Tracker, where they can be filtered, assigned and exported as required.

Interactive Guidance and Support

Interactive online guidance is via the Help Icon, click to review the menu.

To contact the Help Desk, click the Submit a Ticket link at the bottom of the menu, or email [email protected].

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