When you set up a new deal room, you will be asked to choose whether “invisibility” is ON or OFF.

  • We recommend Invisibility ON if there is more than one competing party in the deal room and you want to conceal the identity and existence competing parties from each other e.g. an M&A deal with multiple bidders

  • We recommend Invisibility OFF where there are no competing parties in the deal room e.g. an M&A deal with a single bidder

With Invisibility ON, the following restrictions will apply to non-deal room owner teams:

  • The “What’s New” activity stream and audit trail will be disabled

  • The “Responsible Party” column in checklists will appear blank on all tasks


With Invisibility ON it is recommended to avoid using a numbering system on folders in a data room if allowing and denying access at folder level for a number of parties, for example:

Bidder 1

Bidder 2

Bidder 3, etc.

In this instance make sure to use the company name, or another reference, so the other parties don't get an indication of how many may be involved.


If you want to conceal the identity and existence of teams from each other we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do NOT give competing parties access to the same checklists. This will help avoid the risk of inadvertently revealing their identities in other task table fields e.g. task description, task title or update. You can build UNLIMITED checklists and we encourage you to use this functionality.

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