This article is aimed at deal room administrators and offers guidance on how to overwrite the system default terms of use, for a deal room, and how to upload a company specific terms of use document.

Uploading terms of use for a deal room

  • Create a new deal room

  • Fill out the relevant fields on step 1 to create a new deal room

  • On step 2 , for the deal space information, to upload a company specific terms of use document select 'Choose file' next to Terms of Use

  • Navigate to where the file is saved and select 'choose file' to upload to the deal room

  • Note, only pdf formats can be uploaded.

💡Tip: It is possible top upload new terms of use after the deal room has been created as well.

To do this, within the deal room click on the cog icon and select 'Edit deal room'.

There room owners will have the option to upload a new terms of use document.

If you have any questions, contact the Help Desk team: [email protected]

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