This article is for system or room administrators who are setting up new deal rooms.

Adding a new deal room

Log into thedocyard and navigate to the global dashboard, if not taken there on login.

  • To get to the global dashboard, click on the company icon top left hand corner of the screen.

  • To add a new deal room, click on the plus icon and select 'Add New Deal Room'.

  • Fill out the fields, in step 1, to enter the information about the deal room.

  • If creating a deal room from a template, please refer to Creating and deploying a Deal Space template.

  • Select 'Next' to move onto the next tab for the deal room information.

  • The team, being created at this stage, is the room owner's team. The team name will be visible to all members of the deal space.

  • The 'Representing' field will be shared with other room owner team members when they receive their invite into the team.

  • The deal space can be customised with the company logo and Ansarada support team can assist with this.

  • There is a default terms of use document already provided when a deal space is created.

  • To upload a company specific terms of use, please refer to this article for guidance on how to do that: Uploading terms of use for a deal space.

  • Select if Team Invisibility should be on or off for the deal space.

  • Select 'Create Deal Room' to complete this setup and then the room owner will be directed to Team Management.

💡Tip: When first setting up your deal room, it is suggested that you follow these steps in this order:

1. Create the teams

You do not need to invite any external (client, bidders, for example) users into the deal room at this stage, but by creating the teams it allows the room owner team to set the permissions so that everything is ready once users are invited into the deal room.

2. Create the workflow using the document, checklist and data room tabs

Setup as much of the transaction process that can be done at the preparation stage, including any internal processes that have to be managed before any external users are given access to the deal room.

3. Set team permissions

Set the permissions for the invited teams to the relevant stages of the transaction.

4. Send out the invitations

External parties can be given access to the deal room in stages. For example, it may only be relevant to invite the client into the room first, so that they can start to upload documentation required for the transaction.

Once reviewed and ready, and the data room established, then the remaining external parties can be invited ready to start the due diligence and Q&A part of the process.

If you have any further questions, please email our Help Desk: [email protected]

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