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Two Approvers - Tab Permissions

  • By request, support team can enable a two-approver process on tab permissions on specific deal rooms.

  • This means that on any tabs, the tab permissions have to be approved by another admin of the room owner team.

  • When a tab is created in the deal room, the room owner team can set tab permissions straight away, or at a later stage.

  • With the two-approver process turned on, when one admin in the room owner team makes any changes to the tab permissions this creates a change request to the other admin(s) to approve those permissions changes.

  • Users will navigate to the tab permission setup as normal, and will see all the tabs in the workflow, with the same tab permission settings.

  • When any changes are made to any of the tabs, this will create a change request rather than saving those permission changes straight away.

  • No further changes can be made for the permissions on those tabs until the initial permissions are approved by another admin.

  • The admin who made the permission changes is not able to approve their own change request, it has to be approved by another admin in the room owner team.

  • When a change request is created it sends an email notification to the other admin(s) in the room owner team.

  • The other admin(s) can then go in and review and approve the changes to the tab permissions.

  • They can also reject the tab permissions.

  • An email notification is sent to the other admins once a change request has been approved or rejected.

Default Deny - Folder Creation/Document Upload

  • An enhanced security feature is also enabled for adding folders or document uploads to a live data room.

  • The adding of folders or upload of documents defaults to deny access, forcing the room owner(s) to go tab permissions to allow access and to follow the change request process when setting the permissions.

  • This removes the risk of accidentally allowing access to folders or documents, within a live data room, to teams that shouldn't have access to them.

  • The process of adding new folders or uploading the documents is the same but they are automatically denied within the tab permissions.

  • The user is not asked to set permissions at the time of adding the folder or uploading the files and has to go into tab permissions to allow access.

  • If invited parties have been given upload permission on a data room, any files they upload default to deny access and the room owner then sets the access and permissions.

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