This guide is applicable to members of the Room Owner's team and those teams that have been delegated the Manage Checklist permission.

The Import Tasks feature of the Checklist tab is a very useful tool for quickly transferring tasks from an existing table or spreadsheet.

The import feature requires the data to be in .csv file format. The 'comma separated values' (.csv) file format is standard for storing tabular data such as spreadsheets and is the standard file for the import and export of data.

While the Checklist's import feature is very quick and easy to use, it is essential to prepare a .csv file correctly in order to ensure that the import is successful.

Here are the steps that our own Help Desk team uses to create a .csv file from a Word Table or Excel spreadsheet:

1. Open a new spreadsheet in Excel

2. Copy the required data from your source material into the new spreadsheet

Note: if there are different tables, you will require a .csv file for each table.

3. Clear any formatting and edit content remove extraneous spaces, rows or symbols that will interfere with the import (such as the #) Do not import task numbering as the platform will automatically allocate an index number to the tasks.

4. It is not possible to import tasks as sub-tasks. Where you have a task with a dot-point or numbered list below, copy and paste this information into a single cell so that it is imported as one task.

5. Title the columns to match the Checklist columns: Title, Description. Do not try to import scheduled dates or responsible teams as these are dynamic fields and must be set in the checklist.

Note: columns that cannot be mapped will be imported as Custom Fields.

6. Once you have finished preparing the file, save the spreadsheet as .csv file (Save as type: CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

7. Return to the deal room and open the checklist tab, create or select the Table where the tasks will be imported.

8. Click the Import Tasks icon.

9. Click the Import File button and select the .csv file you have prepared from your local drive.

10. Map the columns. The system will assign columns with the name Title, Description etc., and create new columns where the names do not match the system's.

11. Select Import Data. The tasks will import as Draft.

Edit each task to set the Due Date and Responsible team.

TOOL TIP for Room Owners: If you are importing a standard checklist, save your imported tasks as a template while the tasks are still generic. Templates are time-saving assets that are associated with your user ID. To save your checklist as a template, right-click on the tab itself and select Save As Template.

Watch our comprehensive video guide for importing tasks to a checklist, editing, updating and cloning your task tables.

Any questions or issues, don't hesitate to contact the Help Desk by email: [email protected]

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