Only Room Owner/Administrators and teams delegated with the Manage Deal Room permission can create a new tab.

When creating your workflow in a new deal room, it is important to consider which tab type- Checklist, Document or Data Room tab- will best suit your needs.

As with any set-up situation, the first question to consider is: what are your requirements? In other words, what do you want this tab to deliver and how will it be used by the teams invited to your room.

Each tab type offers key features, including:




Data Room

Create folders & sub-folders

Upload documents

Move/copy documents

Document check-in/check-out

Folder level permissions/file level access

Auto number on/off

Private Q&A/VDR

Marked as reviewed & favourite

File comments & notes

As you plan your workflow in the deal room, consider how each tab's functionality can best be utilised.

Checklist Tabs

Use a Checklist tab to group related tasks into Task Tables

If your workflow requires an element of task management and has time-critical dependencies, using a Checklist tab is likely to be your best option.

  • Checklists support collaboration between teams

Documents can be uploaded to a task, then viewed and edited by the responsible teams, who can then update the task status. Documents attached to a task can be checked out for editing and a full version history is maintained, so that earlier versions are immediately available for reference.

  • Checklists drive real-time information to the Deal Dashboard

It is important to note that the Deal Room's Dashboard's Activity, Escalated, Overdue and Impending task information is drawn from the Checklist tabs.

If you require at-a-glance updates on the progress of your deal overall, then a checklist tab populated by tasks is required. The checklist updates feed directly to your deal room's dashboard.

  • Checklists can be tailored to meet a variety of needs

The checklist module is extremely versatile:- use the start and end dates to create a Gantt chart, or hide columns and use the custom fields to create a variety of different layout options. Inline editing for text fields and drop-down menus for quick selection make data entry very quick. These features lend themselves to using a checklist tab for purposes ranging from project management to contact lists.

Document Tabs

Use a Document tab to store related documents for easy grouping and reference

At first glance, the Document and Data Room tabs appear similar, however, it is important to note before uploading your documents that the Document Tab does not support Private Q&A nor permission sets at folder/file level.

  • Team collaboration & reference

Team collaboration on documents in a Document tab is easily undertaken. Because permission sets for teams are set at the tab level (permission sets at folder and file level permissions are only supported in Data Room tabs), the Document tab is best suited to internal team collaboration and for storing specific document types for reference, such as templates, draft documents or final documents.

  • Document review & version control

As with Checklists, a Document Tab allows teams to check documents out for editing.

While checked-out, the document will be locked for editing and the team that has the document checked-out is shown. The Room Owner can cancel a check-out. Once edited and checked back in, the version # is automatically updated and the full version history is recorded. Teams can review earlier versions of the document at a click.

Data Room Tabs

Use a Data Room tab for fully featured virtual data room capability for use in due diligence and complex permissions when sharing files

The best practice use for a Data Room tab is as a virtual data room, where final documents are presented to invited teams to undertake due diligence. This is why the Data Room tab does not support collaboration features such as document check-in/check-out.

  • Undertake two-way, private Q&A

Whether you are on the buy or sell side, the data room tab enables questions to flow in both directions. Questions originating from the data doom have hyperlinked references, while general questions can be asked via the "Ask A Question" button in the Q&A Tracker.

The platform's Question & Answer Tracker provides sophisticated, real-time tracking of every team's due diligence process. Questions can be filtered by status and team, while team questions can be exported to facilitate internal collaboration on answers before final responses are made.

  • Folder & file level permissions

The Data Room tab supports an extensive permissions set for each team at tab, folder and file level. Permission sets include: View Only, Download, Print, Rename, Upload, Save as .PDF, Delete and Document Watermark.

By understanding what outcomes are required for your workflow, you are better able to select the tab-type that delivers the functionality required.

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