Users in the role of Administrators, Publishers and Drafters of the Room Owner's team have access to the Add New Tab facility. (Actions taken by a user in the role of Drafter will remain as draft, and therefore not visible to any other team, until the actions have been reviewed and published by a user in the role of Publisher or Administrator).

Selecting the right tab for the job

  • Workflow management is via tabs that appear along the top of the page, just below the room's logo:

  • There are five tab types:

Checklist - task management + secure file sharing and collaboration

Document - secure file sharing and collaboration

Data Room - fully featured, secure virtual data room supporting private Q&A

Questions & Answers - delivers the Q&A Tracker function for the data room (private Q&A arising from due diligence on files in the Data Room tab, in addition to enabling teams and room managers to ask questions.

Personal Checklist - a task checklist task that is personal to each user - invisible to other users.

Create a New Tab

  • Click on the Add New Tab icon on the top left-hand corner of your deal dashboard:

  • Click Add New Tab:

  • Select Tab Type by clicking on the tile:

  • Give the tab a name (avoid the apostrophe, dash, comma and underscore)

  • Save the tab as Draft or Publish

If teams have been published, following the prompt to set access within tab permission

  • Set team permissions by toggling the Deny switch to Allow

  • Select each team's permissions set by clicking on the permission icons

  • Save changes to update permissions

For further information on managing invited teams, see:

Tab Types

  • Once published, the tab will appear in the deal room's workflow but will only be visible to those teams that have been given permission to access the tab.

  • For a team to be able to 'see' the tab when they log in, you must toggle the permission switch from Deny to Allow as shown in the examples below.

  • If the new tab has been saved as Draft it will only be visible to the room's admin team until published. Team permissions can be set for a draft tab that will apply after publishing.

Checklist tab

Document tab

Data Room tab

  • Set team permissions for a data room at tab level, with exclusions at folder and file level. Tab level permissions are visible, as shown below.

  • Click on the Set Team Permissions button to review or edit permissions for data room content.

  • A full legend of permission is available to the left of the slide-out panel

  • Make sure to save changes in order to apply permission settings.

Questions & Answers tab

  • Create a Q&A tab to track and management team's private Q&A.

  • There are no permission sets for this tab as there are for the other tab types.

  • Permissions are controlled by the Data Room tab, (i.e. teams will only see their own Q&A).

  • When creating a Question & Answers tab, the administrators can define topics that will enable them to filter questions. Most often, these 'topics' mirror the folder structure in the data room. Question topics appear as a drop-down selection when teams Ask a Question.

Publish or Save as Draft

  • Click to save as Draft or Publish. If teams have been given permission to access the new tab (by toggling the Deny switch across to Allow), then they will be able to see and access the tab once it is published.

  • If a member occupies the role of Drafter in the room owner's team, while they will be able to create a new tab, the tab and all its contents will remain in the draft workflow and will have to be published by an Administrator or Publisher.

  • Another way to keep a tab 'private' until the Admins are ready to release it is to keep all the team permissions set to Deny. This means that the Room Owner's team can finalise the tab's content knowing that it is visible ONLY to them and not to externally invited teams.

Keep a tab private by setting all external teams to deny:

Need further guidance or help?

If you have any questions about setting up your deal's workflow or setting team permissions, contact the Help Desk team: [email protected]

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