This guidance is aimed at users of a room owner's team or users who have manage deal room settings.

This article outlines the steps to follow to apply a watermark to documents viewed within the deal room.

Adding a watermark to documents

  • Documents uploaded to data room or document tab can have a system generated watermark applied when they are viewed within the platform, using the online document viewer.

  • This watermark is applied when it is set within tab permission:

  • If users want to apply a client specific watermark text, that is applied to documents when viewed within the deal room, this is done at the tab level either when adding the tab to the deal room, or editing a tab that has already been created.

  • To add client specific watermark copy to the document, or data room, tab, click on the plus icon, within the data room, to add a new tab.

  • Select the tab type required, document or data room, and within the 'add new tab' fields users will see a section for "Watermark Text'.

  • Users can access this on tabs, that have already been added, by editing those tabs.

  • To edit a tab, right click on the tab heading and select 'Edit.

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