This article explains the details highlighted in the dashboard activity ribbon and the view available to the room owner's.

  • In the Deal Room Owner's view of the Dashboard, the Deal Health delivers a high-level visual on the overall progress of the transaction.

  • The progress rate and colour (blue=complete, green=on schedule, orange=overdue), is an average of the status of all published tasks. For example, an aggregate of three checklists might show that the transaction is 80% complete and, on average, the remaining tasks are "On Schedule".

  • The Deal Health gauge is driven solely by the Checklist module, so it remains inactive if there are no published checklists.

  • The Activity gauge tracks user & team engagement. It is an indicator of overall activity, and by switching between User & Team, gives real-time feedback on where the majority of the engagement is coming from.

  • Any tasks that have been escalated or overdue are listed in the "What To Do" area that is located immediately below the activity ribbon as well as being summarised by category under the "What To Do" area on the dashboard.

  • A user can switch between tasks that have been assigned to them individually (My Tasks) or those tasks that have been assigned to their team. The user then clicks on these tasks and they are taken directly to the checklist and task in question.

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