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This article is aimed at all account members using templates to add new tabs or deal rooms.

Account members can create templates of tabs, or a deal room, if they have administrator or manage deal room settings permissions.

Creating tab templates

  • To create a template from a tab, right click on the tab heading and select 'Save as Template'.

  • Depending on the tab type, the user then selects what from that tab is to be included in the template - folders from a data room or document tab, task tables from a checklist tab.

  • The template is saved against the user id, and also to the account that the user is a member of, for that user to use when re-creating another tab of the same type.

  • By saving at the account level this means that other users, in the same account, can access those templates and use them to create new tabs and deal spaces.

  • To create a template of a deal room, click on the cog icon on the top right hand corner of the deal room window and select 'Save Room as Template'.

  • This option is only available to room administrators and users who have the manage deal room settings advanced user permissions.

  • The user can then select what information from the deal room is to be included in the template.

  • This template is saved against the user id can can be used when creating another deal room.

Deploying tab templates

  • To create a new tab, using a saved template, click on the plus icon within the deal room - with top left hand corner of the deal space or to the right of the workflow tabs.

  • Select 'Add new tab'.

  • Select the tab type required and within the 'Add new tab' information, users will see a 'Load from template' option'

  • Select the required template to create the tab from.

  • Here users will see templates that they have created themselves as well as templates created by other users in the same account.

  • Select 'Draft' or 'Publish' to create the tab.

  • If creating in draft, remember to publish at a later stage when required.

Deploying deal room templates

  • To create a deal room from a template click on the plus icon in the global dashboard and select 'Add New Deal Room'.

  • Within the 'Create New Deal Room' tab, users will see the option to 'Load From Template'.

  • From here, users can select the template previously saved either by themselves or by other users in the same account.

  • Please note, when creating a deal room from a template, all items are created in draft mode and so need publishing when ready.

  • Please see article 'Items to Publish' bulk publishing tool for guidance on bulk publishing.

If you have any questions about Templates, contact the Help Desk team: [email protected]

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