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Do you want to save a complex folder structure that you know you'll be using again? It's very easy to do with the Save as Template option.

Please note that templating a tab does not save the uploaded contents - only the structure.

Templates are saved to your user ID, and also to the account that you are a member of, and are always available to you when adding a new tab of the same type. They are a way of efficiently duplicating structure across the same or multiple deal spaces.

Users have to be a member of an account, as well, to use the deploy template function.

Note: when saving a template, make sure that the tab and folder structure have been published (draft items cannot be templated).

Saving a Document tab as a template

  • Open your deal room

  • Navigate to the required document tab

  • Right-click on the document tab heading in the workflow

  • Select 'Save as template'

  • Enter the name for the template tab and select the folders to be included in the template

  • This saves the template against the user's ID and also saves to the account that the user is a member of, which allows other users in that account to use the template when adding a new tab

Creating a new document tab from a template

  • Within the deal room click on the plus icon, next to the deal space logo, to add a new tab

  • Select 'Document' as the tab type and within the 'Add new tab' window select the previously saved template from the drop down list next to 'Load from template'.

  • Here users will be able to see, and select, templates that they have saved themselves as well as templates that have been created by other users in the same account

  • Complete the remaining steps to add the new tab

Note: when a tab template has been deployed, all items are in Draft and therefore visible only to members of your own team.

Do you need further help or guidance? Contact the Help Desk team: [email protected]

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