This guidance is aimed at System and Room Administrators who can create deal rooms. The Room Administrators have to members of the account as well in order to access the template feature.

Create a template of a deal room for immediate redeployment: recreate workflows, tasks and folders. Ensures a consistent process across multiple deal rooms, and helps to eliminate duplication of effort and saves time.

Note: only published items will be saved to the template.

Template a Deal Room

To create a template from an existing deal space:

  • Click the Deal Room Settings icon, located in the right hand corner of the Dashboard

  • Select 'Save Room as Template'

  • Name the new template and select contents by checking the box next to the tab name

  • Once all the required tabs and content have been selected, select 'Save'.

  • The template will be saved to the User ID and also to the account that the user is a member of. The template can then be re-deployed, on a new deal room, by that user as well as other members in the same account who are either system or room administrators and so have permission to create deal rooms.

Deploy a new Deal Room using a template

  • In the Global Dashboard, click on the plus icon in the top left hand corner of the page.

  • In 'Step 1', select saved templates from the 'Load from Template' field.

  • Here the user will see any templates that they have created as well as templates created by other team members.

  • Note that users can only delete templates that they have created themselves, they cannot delete templates created by other users.

  • Complete the rest of the information across steps 1 and 2 to create the deal space.

  • Once the deal room has been created, users will note that all of the tabs and contents will have been created in draft.

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