The 'Items to Publish' tool allows bulk publishing of draft items

Note: this functionality is particularly useful when a deal room has been created from a template and so all of the items are in draft.

Items to Publish

  • 'Items to Publish' is accessed via the left-hand navigation menu.

  • Once selected, the user will see tiles showing each area, within the deal room, that contains items that need publishing.

  • Bulk publishing works from the 'top down', eg: Tab > Folder > File or Tab > Table > Task

  • When publishing tasks within a draft checklist, the task must have a responsible team before the task can be published. See Publishing a Checklist tab, table & tasks for more detail on this.

  • When selecting a tile, the user will see all the items in that particular area that are in draft

  • Select all from the global select checkbox, or individual items by selecting individual items

  • Click on the green tick next to 'Bulk actions', in the top right hand corner, and select 'Publish Selected [item](s)'

  • A message will ask the user to confirm the action.

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