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This article gives guidance on the steps to follow to publish checklists and tasks.

When working with checklists that are in draft, there are a number of steps to be followed before publishing.

Creating checklists in draft

  • Create a new checklist tab.

  • The checklist tab can be created in draft or published straight away.

  • If the checklist tab is created in draft, the tab heading will show with orange copy.

  • If the checklist tab has been created in draft, everything that follows - tables and tasks - must be in draft until the tab has been published.

  • If the checklist tab had been published when added, users would then have the option to add the task table in draft or published.

  • When a task table is created in draft, this can be identified by the 'D' next to the task table name.

  • When tasks are added to the task table, and the task table is still in draft, the tasks can also only be added in draft and the status of that task will be shown as draft in the task window.

  • It is possible to publish the checklist tab, and task table at the stage of adding them, and still add tasks in draft mode.

Publishing a checklist tab

  • To publish a checklist tab, right click on the tab heading and select 'Publish'.

  • Checklist tabs can also be published in bulk, if more than one checklist tab, using the 'Items to publish' option from the left hand menu.

  • Select the 'Tab' tile to then further select the tabs for bulk publish.

  • Select the checklist tab to publish and then click on the green tick next to 'Bulk Actions' to publish the required tabs.

Publishing a task table

  • Once a checklist tab has been publish, the task table can then be published.

  • To publish a task table individually, within the checklist tab, click on the 'D' next to the task table name and select 'Publish Task Table'.

  • To publish more than one task table at a time, go to 'Items to publish' from the left hand menu option

  • Click on the 'Task Table' tile to see the list of task tables available to publish.

  • Select the task tables to be published, and then click on the green tick next to 'Bulk Actions' to publish the task tables.

Publishing tasks

The final stage in publishing a checklist is publishing tasks.

  • A task can only be published if a responsible team has been assigned to that task.

  • For the tasks that need to be published, update the 'Responsible' field and allocate a team to that task.

  • To publish from within a table, select box at the top left-hand corner, then Edit to set a responsible team. Select All again, and then Publish. For further detail, see Bulk Updates in the Checklist.

  • To publish tasks individually, click on the three dots to the left hand side of the task name and select 'Publish Task'.

  • User's can also publish tasks by opening the task up by selecting 'Edit Task' and changing the task status from draft to publish and then updating the task to save changes.

  • Tasks can be published in bulk from the 'Items to Publish' menu option.

  • Click on the 'Task' tile to select the tasks for bulk publishing.

  • Select the tasks for publishing and then click on the green tick next to 'Bulk Actions'.

Checklists will not be visible to any other team until Tab Permissions have been set.

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