This article is for users publishing files after uploading them in the draft.

Only members of the room owner's team or invited parties who have been given upload access can upload files to a deal room.

Adding files

  • Files can be uploaded to different tabs, within a deal room, and each time user's have the option to upload in draft or publish the file straight away.

  • When a file is in draft it will be shown with an orange background.

Publishing files

  • Files can be published on a one by one basis, within the tab, or can be published in bulk using the 'Items to publish' menu function.

  • To publish a file individually, click on the three dots to the right hand side of the file and select 'Publish file'.

  • A message will pop up asking the user to confirm the action.

  • To publish folders in bulk, select 'Items to publish' from the left hand menu.

  • This will show all of the items to be published within the deal room, and items must be published top down, i.e., tab, folder, file.

  • Select the file tile to publish all of the required files.

  • Select all of the files to be published, and then select the green tick next to 'Bulk Actions', in the top right hand corner, to publish the selected files.

  • A message will pop up asking the user to confirm the action.

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