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This article is for users adding tabs in a deal room, or creating deal rooms from templates where tabs are created in draft.

Publishing tabs individually

  • When adding new tabs, in an active deal room, users have the option to create the tab in draft or publish straight away.

  • If a tab is created in draft, the title shows as orange when viewing that tab in the workflow.

  • Please note, whilst a tab is in draft only members of the same team can view it, regardless of tab permissions. Other teams will not will not be able to view the tab until it has been published.

  • The tabs can either be published one by one, or in bulk.

  • To publish a tab individually, right click on the tab heading and select 'Publish'.

  • Users will be asked to confirm if they want to publish the task or not.

  • Once published, the tab heading will show in blue copy with a white background.

Publishing tabs in bulk

  • To publish more than one tab at a time, tabs can be published in bulk using the 'Items to Publish' option from the left pop out menu.

  • This will show a summary of all items to be published and items must be published top down, i.e., tab, folder file.

  • Select the 'Tab' tile to publish the tabs in bulk.

  • Select the tabs to be published, by checking the box next to the tab names, and then click on the green tick next to 'Bulk Action' to 'Publish the Selected Tab(s)'.

  • Users will be asked to confirm this action.

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