This article is aimed at Room Owners and team members who have the Manage Checklist permission, or teams that have tab permissions allowing edit on the checklist.

This guidance shows an overview of running bulk updates in a checklist which allows users to update more than one task at a time with common information.

Bulk Updates in a Checklist

  • Navigate to the required checklist tab in the deal room.

  • To update more than one task at a time, check the box on the left hand side of the task item.

  • The actions available are shown in the menu option of the task table.

  • Select the action required.

  • With the 'edit' option it is possible to update more than one task at a time with information that applies to multiple tasks, thus saving time and not having to update tasks one by one.

  • The tasks in the checklist are then updated, in bulk, with the updated information.

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