The view as Gantt option has been introduced to allow teams to see the sequence of tasks in relation to each other.

This is a visual tool with options to view by week, month and year. You cannot edit tasks from the View As Gantt Chart option.

The View as Gantt option is a feature of the Checklist Tab.

Setting Start and End Dates

Deal Administrators have the option to set critical Due Dates for tasks, in addition to setting specific start and end dates in order to view tasks in a Gantt chart.

The start and end date fields are accessed from the edit task panel:

  • Select Edit Task from the action menu or click on the task title to open the edit task panel

  • Scroll down until start and end date fields are visible

  • Set Start Date and End Date by clicking on the calendar icon

  • Click update to save changes

Note: a task must have a responsible team before it can be published

Accessing the Gantt chart

The View As Gantt chart option is located at the top of each task table as a drop-down option.

Administrators of the Room Owner's team will see the following, once a task table has been populated:

And invited parties will see the option at the top right-hand corner of the checklist table:

The Deal Dashboard view of tasks

Teams that have been given responsibility for tasks in a checklist will see those tasks listed on their dashboard.

Users can change the view on the dashboard to show tasks that have been assigned to them directly, or to their team.

My tasks by List view:

Watch the short video below to see how to access the View As Gantt option for deal rooms that include checklist tasks.

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