The checklist tab is a task management tool. Checklists can be tailored to a variety of requirements, while aggregated task status is represented on the dashboard as overall deal health indicator and delegated/assigned tasks appear on each team members' dashboard.

A checklist may contain multiple tables of grouped tasks. These tasks can be delegated to teams and assigned to individuals within those teams.

Teams that are collaborating on tasks can leave regular updates in the Update field, all of which are saved to the task's history.

Multiple files can be attached to a task. The checklist tab has a file check-out/check-in facility, enabling teams to collaborate on documents. The platform has full version history, so each iteration of the document is saved and accessible at any time.

Accessing a checklist tab

The deal room administrators control permissions and set access to tabs for external teams.

As a member of an invited party - if you can see a tab in your workflow, your team has been given access.

  • Click on the tab to open.

  • Navigate between tables by collapsing the table view.

  • Click the Dashboard tab to close checklist view.

Updating a task

The deal administrators set team permissions to allow: read-only or edit task and upload file.

If your team has been given responsibility for a task and allowed edit and upload permissions, members of that team can collaborate on the task:

  • Leave progress updates in the Update field

  • Reassign the task to another member (also in a responsible team)

  • Upload files to a task for other members to review/edit

Uploading files to a checklist

The deal administrators set team permissions to allow: read-only or edit task and upload file.

Teams that are collaborating on a task may be required to upload files to a task.

Using the ‘Upload File’ option, collaborating teams can upload a file to a task.

The team has an option to upload a file from a local drive or link to an existing document already loaded to the deal room.

Select ‘Local drive’ as the option and follow the prompts to choose the file and load the file in draft mode or published.

Once uploaded the task updates with the paperclip icon to indicate a file has been uploaded to that task.

To add a link to a document already uploaded, select the upload file feature and then select ‘Existing Document’.

Navigate to the document/data room tab and the folder where the document has been uploaded to and then select the document(s) to link to the task. The team member can link to more than one document.

Select ‘Submit’ to link the document to the task.

The teams can only link to documents within tabs/folders that they have access to.

If the team has edit permission they can leave an update on the task and reassign the task to another team member.

Collaborating on edits: file check-out / check-in

Teams that are collaborating on a task may be required to review and update files attached to a task.

Using the 'check-out' and 'check-in' feature, collaborating teams are able to see when a file is being edited. Once the edited file has been checked-in, the version number automatically updates.

Collaborating teams can use the Update field to communicate with each other on each stage of the task. By using the "Assigned To" field, a task can be quickly moved from one member to another, saving time and avoiding duplication of effort.

If you have any questions or need further guidance on this feature, don't hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk by emailing: [email protected]

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