The "Add New Tab" functionality is limited to the administration team and those teams delegated with Manage Deal Room permission.


Create a Checklist Tab

  • Start from your deal room dashboard. Click on the Add Tab icon at the top left-hand corner of the deal room And then click the Add New Tab option.

  • Select Checklist from the New Tab window.

  • Name the tab and save as draft or publish.

  • A prompt to set team permissions for the tab will come up. Click Yes if you're ready to set team permissions for the tab. The prompt will immediately redirect you to the Tab Permissions view.

  • Set team permissions (Note: only published teams will appear under the list. To learn more about team management, read Add New Teams & Members).

  • Toggle Deny to Allow - this will activate read-only access to the checklist. To enable the external teams to interact with the tasks, click on the icons to activate permissions: Edit Tasks | Upload files | Download.

Create a Task Table

  • After creating a new checklist tab, create task tables to group like-tasks.

  • Click on the Add New Tab icon again, while in the Checklist tab and select Add Task Table:

  • Give your task table a name. Save your changes - click as draft or publish.

Add a task

  • To add a single task, click on the Add Task Icon at the right-hand corner of the Task Table:

Complete the task fields:

  • Give the task a short, unique title

  • Use the text field to describe the task's process and expected outcomes

  • Add a Clause Reference for reference documentation if required

  • Select responsible team(s)

  • Assign a task lead from responsible team(s)

  • The Update Task field is where teams leave ongoing task updates

  • Set Start and End date for tasks to see task dependencies using the View As Gantt feature

  • Set Due Date to enable automatic status change

  • Toggle Publish Status to Publish (you must select a responsible team to publish a task)

  • Click Add Task to save and publish

See the complete process here:

Edit a Task

Edit the details of the task for responsible teams:

  • Select a checklist tab

  • Select a task table

  • Click on the title of the task, or on three dots to the left of the task

  • Select Edit Task from the menu

The right-hand task panel will slide out

  • Update the task fields as required

  • Click Update to save changes

Update a task

  • Teams responsible for tasks can leave updates in the task's update field. Any changes made to the Update field are saved to the task's history.

  • Teams with edit task permission can also change the task's status and due date.

Bulk Update Tasks

  • Select each task to be updated by clicking on the box to the left of the tasks

  • Select Edit Selected Task(s) from Bulk Actions

Note: only fields common to all the tasks can be bulk-updated.

  • Click Update to save changes

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