This article covers the collaboration tools that the Room Owner's team can use to have an internal and private discussion between themselves on certain aspects within a deal room.


  • For internal team collaboration on documents, a checklist is the best-practice solution. For example, a document is considered a 'task' and the Update field ensures that every comment made by the team, as they work through that task, is saved to the task's history.

  • By assigning that task back and forwards between team members, the team knows where responsibility for that task currently rests.

  • To further facilitate this process, users can easily create a Custom text field for checklists, (e.g. 'Answer'). Team members can use this custom field to leave updates for each other, negating the need for separate emails.

  • Using a checklist for collaboration on documents ensures that: Every update and response relating to that document is in the one place and visible to the team. Once the document is finalised, the task can be marked as 'complete', giving team members a real-time view on the project's overall progress.

Document 'notes'

  • Where due dates or responsibility tracking may not be required, there is another tool available to the team, where they can leave information regarding a specific document.

  • The 'Notes' field is private to the team and can be accessed by clicking on the Notes icon next to the document name.

  • Clicking on this icon will activate the Notes panel.

Document review status

  • The Document Review Status tool is useful when collaborating with team members on document reviews and tracking progress.

  • Every document uploaded to the deal room is automatically added to the Document Review list.

  • When a file is marked as Reviewed (by clicking on the file's 'Eye' icon, just to the left to the Notes icon), this document automatically switches from the Not Reviewed to the Reviewed list.

  • By marking a document as Reviewed, the team will know that the document has been seen and has been accepted.

  • Click on the icon , in the left-hand navigation panel, to open the "Document Review Status" list.

  • Each tab is listed, where users can find links to every published file uploaded to the deal space, and if they have been reviewed already or not.

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