The following is a guide for teams and the steps for file sharing and collaboration using thedocyard's Check-out and Check-in feature in the Document tab.

Please note that this example is from the point of view of an EXTERNAL team (i.e. not the room owner), where Invisiblity has been set to ON (ie. notifications have been restricted to ensure security).

thedocyard has full version history, all earlier iterations of documents in edit are easily accessible should teams need to go back to look at previous versions.

The Document Tab

If your team has been requested to collaborate on a file stored in a document tab, you will need to follow this process to avoid duplication of effort and ensure that everyone is working from the latest version of the file.

Once you have logged in to thedocyard and accessed the deal space:

1. Click on the tab to open

2. Click on the document's task menu (the three vertical dots under the Action column)


A copy of the file will be delivered to your download folder.

4. Make your changes on your local drive and save the file.

5. Return to the document tab and click on the document's task menu again

6. Select CHECKIN

7. Use the Choose File button to select the updated file from your local drive

8. Click Publish File (if you are in the role of Drafter, your changes will need to be reviewed and published by another team member in the role of Publisher or Administrator).

9. The Version number will automatically update.

10. To access the different versions, click on the number in the Version column and select from the Document Version History.

Why can't I see the file?

Teams can only check-out for editing those files that have been published. If you're expecting to see a file and it's not there, (draft files are not visible to other teams), please check with the team responsible for uploading it that the file has been published.

How do I know when another team member has checked a file out?

When you are a member of an invited team (i.e. not the Room Owner) and Invisibility has been set to ON, notifications regarding team names are all restricted for security purposes.

(When invisibility has been set to OFF or if you are a member of the Room Owner's team, you will see the name of the team that has checked the file out.)

In this case, when a document has been checked-out for editing, the tag beneath the file identifies that a file has been checked out, as shown below.

If you are working as part of a large team and need to know the individual that may have checked the file out, we suggest you use the Document's Notes facility.

Click on the NOTES column to the right of the file, highlighted below.

Note that the checkout date and time is recorded in the Details section and if there are notes associated with this file, a number will appear in the Notes column.

Click on "Notes" to open and add a message:

Your team members will be able to quickly see when a file was checked out and by whom.

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to the support team by emailing: [email protected]

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