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All participants in a deal room will have a view of the Q&A tab.

The following guidance is an overview of the Q&A module and the different methods to extract information from the Q&A tab.

There are two ways to export from the Q&A tab.

Using the Q&A Collaboration feature

  • The Export option in the Q&A tab is a collaboration tool - enabling teams to export questions that have been asked of their team not by their team to share with an outside specialist to update the responses to the questions.

  • Specific questions can be selected using the filters within the Q&A tab. Once filtered, team members can then select the relevant questions to export.

  • Once the questions have been selected, team members then select 'Export selected'.

  • A fixed format spreadsheet is exported from the Q&A tab, that cannot be edited, to allow correct re-importing to the Q&A tab.

  • This spreadsheet is then shared with the relevant external team where they can update the content in the 'answer' column. Once updated and saved, the spreadsheet is returned to the deal room team for import.

  • To import the Q&A spreadsheet back into the deal room, select 'Import answers' on the Q&A tab.

  • Follow the steps to re-import the Q&A spreadsheet.

  • Navigate to where the Q&A spreads

  • heet has been saved and select that file.

  • Select auto-publish if the responses can be published as soon as the Q&A spreadsheet is imported. Do not select if the responses must be reviewed first before publishing.

  • The drafted replies are automatically matched to the question, and the question status changes to 'Answered in Draft'.

  • The administrator, or the publisher, of the team can then use the filters to show all questions with this status, review the draft answers and then publish.

  • Once the answer has been published, the other side is notified that their questions have been answered, if they have specified this in their email preferences in their profile.

  • The status of the question is updated to 'Answered'.

Using the bulk export feature in Q&A

  • If a team needs to extract questions that they have asked, for review and reporting, this is done using the bulk export option feature in a deal room and is used for exporting the questions only and not to import answers.

  • The bulk export feature is accessed via the Deal Room Settings, by clicking on the cog icon on the top right hand side of the deal room.

  • Select 'Bulk Export' and then tick the box next to Q&A.

  • This export emails a link to download the Q&A spreadsheet to the team member's email address. Note, the team member has to be logged in to thedocyard at the time to access this link to ensure the correct team member is downloading the export.

Need further guidance or help?

If you have any questions about Q&A, contact the Help Desk team: [email protected]

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