This guidance is directed to Room Owners and teams where Manage Content in Data Room Power has been activated. Teams that have been given permission to Upload files do not have access to the Tab Permissions view.

The Tab Permissions functionality provides deal room administrators with a comprehensive tool for setting, managing and reviewing team permissions.

For a detailed overview of Tab Permissions please see our guidance article on setting team access to tabs, folders & files.

File upload during setup

Where there are no active teams in a data room, there is no restriction to the bulk upload of folders. Room administrators are free to drag and drop entire folder structures + contents.

Once team permissions have been set to Allow for a data room, the File Upload function is restricted to files alone. This is to ensure that administrators have full control over the visibility of files being uploaded to the Data Room.

Where a team is given permission to upload a file, it is expected that the Room Owner has previously set appropriate folder permissions.

File upload in an active deal room

The Team Visibility window on Upload allows room owners to selectively hide or exclude files from teams that have access to that folder.

The deal administrator can select multiple files for upload (but not folders) from their local drive. These files are listed together with the teams that have access to the destination folder.

File exclusions can quickly be made by switching Allow to Deny, hiding the file from a team's view before Publishing the files to the folder.

The file upload feature ensures that each file is reviewed and approved before publishing and notification of file upload to active teams.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or need further guidance. Just email [email protected] for support.

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