This article covers asking a question on a document with a data room, or asking a question direct from the Q&A tab.

Ask a question from the data room

  • Navigate to the data room within the workflow.

  • Open the folder structure to locate the file to ask a question on.

  • Click on the three dots to the right hand side of the file name and select 'Ask Question'.

  • Fill in the information to ask the question.

  • Additional documents can be attached to the question as well.

  • Save as draft if the question must be reviewed by another team member before it is published, or publish the question straight away.

  • Once a question has been asked it will appear in the Q&A tab.

  • Once the question has been published, the team that the question is being asked of will be notified and will see it in Q&A and be able to answer it.

  • When the question is opened, by the team it was directed to, it will provide a reference back to the document within the data room.

  • It will also show any additional documents that were attached to the question.

Asking a question from the Q&A tab

  • Navigate to the Q&A tab, select 'Ask a question' from the top menu under the filters.

  • Fill in the required information to ask the question. It is possible to ask a question not related to a specific document within the data room.

  • When asking the question, direct from the Q&A tab, the user asking the question can attach files or link to a file in the deal room.

  • If linking to a file in the deal room, select 'Existing document' when adding the attachment.

  • The user can then link the question to a document within the deal room, which could be within the data room or another tab containing documents that they are querying.

  • Note, when an invited team is asking the question, they can only link to documents within tabs and folders that they have been given access to.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the support team at [email protected]

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